Pearlitic nodular cast iron rolls

The shell material of pearlitic nodular cast iron rolls consists of spherical graphite and carbides in a pearlitic matrix. We can obtain Chromium alloyed pearlitic nodular iron rolls if we control suitable Chromium content.Rolls of this type which are alloyed with Chromium to achieve a deeper penetration of carbides is belong to pearlitic nodular iron rolls.This kind of rolls has alower hardnessdrop than the standard nodular iron rolls which resulting in better wear resistance,especially for rolls with deep grooves.

SGP rolls are widely used in the roughing stands and intermediate stands of various roling mills.Usually,we make this type of roll by static cast and centrifugal cast.We recommend using centrifugal cast rolls for better performance when the groove in the roll body is not too deep.

With more alloy added in,we can get a microstructure consisting of spheroidal graphite,pearlite and primary carbide type M3C up to 30%.Meanwhile,the core of the roll still keeps very strong with a great amount of spheroidal graphite in the matrix of ferrite.When the groove in the roll body is very deep,we recommend using rolls static cast with groove to achieve a low hardness drop between the body surface and bottom of the groove.

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