Properties Of Materials For Forged-steel Roll

The materials used for forged-steel roll pass through the processes
including smelting,forging and heat treatment,it is ensured that the working surface on roll barrel has the characteristics of uniform metallurgical structure,high hardness,high abrasive resistance and excellent failure-resistance ability,meanwhile the neck and core of roll has a certain strength and high ductility.As the forged-steel roll has the sole properties,it has the advantages not substituted by the cast roll in the cold milling and non-ferrous metals rolling.

In accordance with the application conditions,the forged-steel rolls can be divided in forged-steel hot roll and forged-steel cold roll.The forged-steel roll is mainly used in hot breaking down and the the forged-steel cold roll is widely applied to cold-rolling.The forged-steel cold roll has a high application requirements.The surface of roll barrel should have the high and uniform hardness so as to ensure the size accuracy and surface quality for cold-rolled  strip and cold-rolled plate.The roll barrel has a certain depth of hardened layer and has a high failure-resistance ability.

At present,the common materials used for forged-steel rolls include Cr2(9Cr2Mo、86CrMoV7)、Cr3(9Cr3Mo,MC3, 70Cr3Mo, 70Cr3NiMo),Cr5 series material.They have the different abrasibe resistance and the quenching degree.With adopting the different materials and the different process parameters,the different depth of hardened layer can be obtained.Our company shall select the rational materials and hardness,propose the rational application scheme and assist customers to select roll,reduce consumption and increase efficiency in accordance with the requirements of customers including the parameters of mill,operation and application features,the variety and characteristics of rolled products and quality requirement of rolled products.

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