Design of work Roll

The modern col-rolled joint unit has really realized high-speed and continuous endless bar rllingThe productivity of roll has increase greatly. The cold-olled products has developed in the direction ofhigh-precision, high-quality and multi model The quality of cold-rolled working roll shall affect directlythe surface quality of plate material, the qualifed rate and operating rate of mill Therefore, the quality ofcold-rolled working roll is very important. The basic requirement includes

a. High and even hardness in roll body;b. Deep hardness layer,c. High abrasion resistance;d. Better spalling resistance;e. Excellent mechanic property.
As the mil is imported and reformed, new technology and new process are applied and high-endplate mateial is developed and the quality of plate materal improves, the rquirements for performanceof toll has developed in individual direction.

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